Below, you can find translated lyrics for the game's insert songs.

Song Notes
Lost PrincessOpening theme of Princess Connect! Re:Dive. Full length.
Connecting Happy!!Ending theme of Princess Connect! Re:Dive. Full length.
Tsunagu MonoOpening theme of Princess Connect! (the original game).
Shining FutureInsert song for Carmina's guild story, and ending theme for Chapter 9. Full version.
Kaze e no ChikaiChika's character song. Full version.
Kimi no Egao ga Mitai KaraNozomi's character song. Full version.
Amanojaku Heart!Tsumugi's character song. Full version.
Smiley ContrastEvent ending #1 ("Operation: Hatsune's Present"). Full length.
Little AdventureEvent ending #2 ("Little Lyrical Adventures"). Full length.
Peaceful ChanpuruEvent ending #3 ("Vampire Hunters with Iliya"). In-game length.
Egao no My HomeEvent ending #4 ("Dangerous Vacation"). Full length.
Kinkira Happiness!Event ending #5 ("Tamaki and Mifuyu's 0-Rupee Desert Island Life"). Full length.
Aloofness CodeEvent ending #6 ("Black Iron Nightmare"). Full length.
Motto! Futari no Party NightEvent ending #7 ("Trick or Pudding!"). Full length.
Saitsuyo Desho, Desho?Event ending #8 ("Twilight Breakers"). In-game length.
Ding Dong Holy Night♪Event ending #9 ("A Forgetful Carol"). Full length.
TwinkleStarsEvent ending #10 ("Twinkle Crisis"). In-game length.
Super ChocolateEvent ending #11 ("Battle of Valentine"). In-game length.
Mikaiketsu na OmoiEvent ending #12 ("The Capital Detective"). In-game length.
Crossing DestinyEvent ending #13 ("A Two-Ringed Flower Blooming in Astorum"). In-game length.
Hakuyoku no GloriaEvent ending #14 ("The Shogun's Travel Diary"). In-game length.
Re:lationEvent ending #15 ("Re:Table in a Different World from Zero"). In-game length.
Senobi First KissEvent ending #16 ("Suzuna Rainbow Stage"). In-game length.
Seishun SpinnerEvent ending #25 ("The Angel of Giving"). In-game length.