Recent updates

11/29/2020: Added a page for Tomo (Magical). Added character story translations for Hiyori episodes 1-8 (contributed by NONSTOPMOP).

11/2/2020: Brought the character list back up to date.

10/7/2020: Added pages for Tsumugi (Halloween) and Matsuri (Halloween). Set up assets for "Halloween Ghost Festival" (October 2020).

9/28/2020: Finished translating "Sprint! The Landsol Guild Race" (January 2020). Added a page for Yori (Angel).

9/13/2020: Added translations for Yuni's character stories (contributed by NONSTOPMOP).




This is a fan translation site for Princess Connect: Re:Dive. The goal is eventually to have English translations for most dialogue in the game, including character information, character stories, guild stories, the main story, and event stories. This is a work in progress, so please check back regularly for additional translations as they are finished.

You can click on any of the categories above to see what has been translated so far in that category, and to read what's there. If you have corrections, questions, or comments, feel free to contact me.

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Current status (since November 2)

Taking a break from story translations to focus on other projects. Will continue to keep the character list updated, and will continue to receive contributed translations.

Other resources

The Japanese wiki is generally a reliable source for up-to-date character information.

Translated game and metagame information can be found on the English wiki.

Text dumps of most (all?) story scenes in the game are available here. A little hard to navigate, but scenes are organized by Japanese chapter names, so you can find what you need.