Below, you can find the main stories that have been translated so far.

Note that I'm not actively working on these anymore. For main story translations, I'd recommend checking out the video translations by Shinkirou, who has been working on putting together a more comprehensive chronology of Priconne's main story.

Chapter Episode
Prologue First Part
Second Part
Chapter 1 Intermission 1
Episode 1: The Clumsy Maid's Request
Episode 2: An Uninvited Passenger
Episode 3: The Target
Episode 4: A Disagreeable Pair
Episode 5: The Chatty Secret Society
Intermission 2
Chapter 2 Episode 1: Princess Maho's Hospitality
Episode 2: The Start of a Banquet of Pleasure
Episode 3: Christina's True Strength
Episode 4: Curtains Close on the Banquet
Episode 5: Expectations Grow Complex
Intermission 3
Chapter 3 Episode 1: Welcome to our Cozy Home!
Episode 2: The Family at the Orphanage
Episode 3: I Won't Allow this Conflict to Happen!
Episode 4: A Night of Restless Shadows
Episode 5: For Master's Honor
Intermission 4
Chapter 4 Episode 1: A Guild Meeting of Irreconcilable Differences
Episode 2: On a Warrior's Journey
Episode 3: Imperiled Peace
Episode 4: Courage Lies in Everyone's Hearts
Episode 5: The Terms of an Exchange
Intermission 5
Chapter 5 Episode 1: The Beastpeople and the Royal Knights
Episode 2: Deadly Dance Time
Episode 3: Eternal Meeting
Episode 4: Kaiser Insight
Episode 5: A Flawed World
Episode 6: The First and Last Student Meeting
Intermission 6