Interested in contributing?

I'm happy to host translations from members of the community. If you have translations that you'd like to contribute, please contact me via any of the services on the right (Twitter, Discord, Gmail). Just let me know what you're translating, and also how you'd like to be credited in the "Translated by ..." line at the top of each story (or if you'd like to remain anonymous).

You can send me your translated script directly as a plain text (.txt) file. I do have a text format that I use internally for scripts, but you don't need to use that if it's a hassle.

I highly recommend using the raw text dumps (alongside the game itself) as a resource; it's much nicer to have the script in text form when you encounter unfamiliar vocabulary.


I always read through every translated script that I receive before putting them online. I make minor edits for spelling, grammar, and consistency of character/guild names with the rest of the site, but I otherwise leave the contributed dialogue as is.

If there are sections where you're not confident in the translation, though, you can flag them down for me to take a second look and do some more detailed editing. Just clearly indicate those sections in the text file somehow -- marking them with * asterisks usually works well.