Hatsune (Summer)



"My cheering will perk everyone right up!"


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Special Skill


Character card

Name: Hatsune (Summer)
Height: 156 cm (61.4 in)
Birthday: December 24
Age: 17
Species: Elf
Guild: Forestier
Likes: Playing with her little sister, sleeping in, sleeping during the day, sleeping early
CV: Oohashi Ayaka
Real name: Kashiwazaki Hatsune
Weight: 46 kg (101.4 lb)
Blood type: A

Combat information

Initial rarity
Row position
Damage type

In-game description: Mid-line unit. A psychic cheerleader who can unleash all-targeting attacks. Her union burst can deal an extremely strong blow to all enemies, but after that, the recoil from her psychic powers will have her clutching her pillow to dreamland.

Union Burst: Summer Cheering Star

Deals heavy magical damage to all enemies, but then places the sleep status on oneself. The sleep that is caused by this skill can only be cancelled by receiving an attack.

Deals X magical damage to all enemies
Renders self unable to act

Skill 1: Pom-Pom Yell Shoot

Deals slight magical damage to all enemies, and slightly restores own TP. TP restoration amount depends on the number of enemies in range.

Deals X magical damage to all enemies
Restores own TP by X

Skill 2: Cheerful Happiness

Moderately increases magical attack and magical critical rate of all allies within a radius of oneself.

Increases magical attack of all allies in range by X
Increases magical critical rate of all allies in range by X

EX skill: Happy Cheer Voice

When battle begins, moderately increases own magical attack.
EX+: Greatly increases own magical attack.

Increases own magical attack by X

Character stories

Character title: The Sleepy Girl Who Uses Her Psychic Skills for Everyone's Sake

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