Rin's Cheese Observation Diary

Translated by Arctic Passerine

観察開始! - "Begin the Observation!"

I don't know why the mice are so persistent about coming for the farm's cheese. They could just live carefree lives on this big farm, eating as much hay as they want, and drinking the raw milk from Mahi's beloved cows. That should be enough for anyone. So, I feel like there's some other reason. I think that, if I keep this diary about my cheese observations, I might be able to discover the reason why the mice are so fixated on the cheese. That way, I'll be able to chase the mice away even better. This is all to make my job easier.

熟成 - "Aging"

I tried observing a newer kind of cheese. It's been left out for some time, and the odor has steadily been getting stronger. I think this is called aging the cheese. The mice tended to target the aged cheese more often. Because of this effect, I successfully fought back against the mice more efficiently. It seems like these observations are helping. If I go on with this, my job should get even easier.

麗しき青 - "Beautiful Blue"

The cheese was aged too much, and mold began growing on it... I thought that Mahi was going to get mad at me, but then I realized that blue cheese is also a thing. So, I didn't do anything wrong. This is the correct amount of aging. Timidly, I tried smelling the cheese, but it just smelled normal. The mice were totally drawn to the moldy cheese. It was easy to beat back the mice that just bolted in a straight line for the cheese. I won't let anyone get to my cheesy boy. He's mine.

誘惑 - "Temptation"

The mold-covered cheese has become an incredible sight. In the past, I would have just thrown this in the trash. But it's strange. Now, I'm totally captivated by it. Whenever I get a whiff of its smell, it really gets my appetite up... But this is supposed to be a souvenir for the guests, so I need to hold out. I can't eat it. But even as I'm saying that, my hand is reaching for the cheese...

謎は謎のままに - "The Mystery Remains A Mystery"

I think this will be the last entry of my observation diary. The magic in the cheese that Mahi makes was too much for me. I can understand why the mice want to swarm it. In the end, my observations didn't help me repel the mice. Rather, I now find myself a prisoner to the allure of cheese. No, I prefer acorns and walnuts. I need to keep telling myself that. If I don't, then the rest of our cheese will be...