Event: Starlight Princess Re:M@ster! (Part 1) (2020/2/29 - 2020/3/21)

Description: After taking on a strange request with the description, "Please turn us into idols," the members of Gourmet Palace end up serving as guards for their clients, the guild New Generations, as they head for an audition venue in a distant city...

The story continues in Part 2.

Main characters: Mio (Deresute), Uzuki (Deresute), Rin (Deresute), Pecorine, Kokkoro, Kyaru

Ending song: Great Journey


Part 1, Opening
Cast a Spell On...
Part 1, Episode 1
Road to Star
Part 1, Episode 2
The First Step
Part 1, Episode 3

Part 1, Episode 4
What Have We Forgotten?
Part 1, Ending
Adventure Goes On!