Shizuru (Valentine)



"Mm-hmm... I'll tell you about all kinds of things. A-hem, just leave it to your big sister!"


Menu Quotes (3★ +)

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Special Skill

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Character card

Name: Shizuru (Valentine)
Height: 168 cm (66.1 in)
Birthday: October 24
Age: 18
Species: Human
Guild: Labyrinth
Likes: Any kind of housework
CV: Nabatame Hitomi
Real name: Hoshino Shizuru
Weight: 54 kg (119.0 lb)
Blood type: O

Combat information

Initial rarity
Row position
Damage type

In-game description: Middle-line unit. A helpful pastry chef and big sister. She can activate a field that increases various parameters all at once, as well as greatly increasing the effects of skills.

Union Burst: Sweet Sanctuary

In an area around oneself, creates a field that increases phyiscal attack, physical critical rate, and TP gain rate.

Field increases physical attack by X
Field increases physical critcal by X
Field increases TP gain by X

Skill 1: Cureness Sign

Slightly restores the HP and TP of the allied unit with the lowest HP. While within the field, slightly restores HP and TP to all allies.

Restores X HP to targeted units
Restores X TP to targeted units

Skill 2: Segment Heart Shot

Deals moderate physical damage to the first enemy in front, and slightly decreases their physical defense. While within the field, the damage and defense-lowering effect are increased.

Deals X physical damage to a single enemy
Within the field, deals X physical damage to a single enemy
Decreases target's physical defense by X
Within the field, decreases target's physical defense by X

EX skill: Big Sister's Pure Heart

When battle begins, moderately increases own physical attack.
EX+: ?

Increases own physical attack by X

Character stories

Character title: Big Sister Will Take Care Of You!

Episode 1
Story 1
Episode 2
Story 2
Episode 3
Story 3
Episode 4
Story 4