Rin (Deresute)


"By my azure blade! Iolite Blue!"


Menu Quotes (3★ +)


Special Skill


Character card

Name: Rin (Deresute)
Height: 165 cm (65.0 in)
Birthday: August 10
Age: 15
Species: Human
Guild: New Generations
Likes: Dog-walking
CV: Fukuhara Ayaka
Real name: Shibuya Rin
Weight: 44 kg (97.0 lb)
Blood type: B

Combat information

Initial rarity
Row position
Damage type

In-game description: Front-line unit. A cool girl who protects her allies by causing ice to materialize. Her skills that restrain and provoke the enemy can disrupt the enemy's actions, and the barrier she places on herself shows off her iron defense.

Union Burst: Iolite Blue

Deals heavy physical damage to the first enemy in front, and places a physical and magical damage-nullifying barrier on oneself.

Deals X physical damage to a single enemy
Places a barrier on self that nullifies X physical or magical damage

Skill 1: Lazul Reo

Deals slight physical damage to all enemies within a radius of the front, decreases affected enemies' physical and magical defense slightly, and provokes all enemies.

Deals X physical damage to all enemies in range
Lowers physical defense of all enemies in range by X
Lowers magical defense of all enemies in range by X
Provokes all enemies

Skill 2: Auin Judgment

Binds all enemies within a certain radius.

Renders enemies in range unable to act for a time

EX skill: Azure Pulse

When battle begins, moderately increases own physical defense.
EX+: (unknown)

Increases own physical defense by X

Character stories

Character title: (unknown)

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