"My, my... All of you, don't cause mischief, all right?"


Menu Quotes (3★ +)

"Good work as always. I'm watching all of the ways in which you're trying your hardest. What a wonderful child."

"Oh, my, are you hurt? Would you let me take a look? Your teacher will fix this right up. There -- pain, pain, fly away!"

"Today, I'll be your Ms. Misato alone! Keep it secret from the children -- they'll be jealous!"

"If spending time together with me helps put you at ease, then I would be very happy. When I'm with you, my heart feels so very warm."

"If anything difficult should happen to you, please, come to me without hesitation. No matter what it is, I will serve as your strength."

Special Skill

"Everything will be okay, so... Let's try our hardest together!"

Character card

Name: Misato
Height: 165 cm (65.0 in)
Birthday: September 5
Age: 21
Species: Elf
Guild: Forestier
Likes: Making picture books
CV: Kouda Mariko
Real name: Aikawa Misato
Weight: 54 kg (119.0 lb)
Blood type: O

Combat information

Initial rarity
Row position
Damage type

In-game description: Back-line unit. A supportive magic user, and everyone's teacher. Her union burst heals her entire team and raises their magical defense, and her skill also heals her frontmost ally, increasing the longevity of her party.

Union Burst: Sister Favor

Moderately restores the HP of all allies, and additionally slightly increases their magical defense.

Restores HP of all allies by X
Increases magical defense of all allies by X

Skill 1: Divine Force

Moderately increases the magical attack of surrounding allies.

Increases magical attack of allies in range by X

Skill 2: Affection Cure

Places a heal-over-time effect on the frontmost ally.

Heals X HP per second

EX skill: Goddess's Influence

When battle begins, moderately increases own magical attack.
EX+: Greatly increases own magical attack.

Increases magical attack by X

Character stories

Character title: Filled With Motherly Love and Tenderness, Everyone's "Teacher Misato"

Episode 1
A Goddess Arrives
Episode 2
A Gift for an Important Day
Episode 3
The Warmth of a Mother
Episode 4
The Goddess of Camellia Hill

Episode 5
Friends on All Sides
Episode 6
Story 6
Episode 7
Story 7
Episode 8
Story 8