Mio (Deresute)


"Bright and cheerful energy is my specialty! I'll work my hardest at becoming an idol!"


Menu Quotes (3★ +)


Special Skill


Character card

Name: Mio (Deresute)
Height: 161 cm (63.4 in)
Birthday: December 1
Age: 15
Species: Human
Guild: New Generations
Likes: Shopping
CV: Hara Sayuri
Real name: Honda Mio
Weight: 46 kg (101.4 lb)
Blood type: B

Combat information

Initial rarity
Row position
Damage type

In-game description: Back-line unit. A young girl overflowing with passion who is active on both offense and defense. Her healing magic targets an area around damaged allies, and her magical attacks can take out all enemies at once.

Union Burst: Sparkle Magic

Deals extreme magical damage to the first enemy in front, and greatly increases own magical attack.

Deals X damage to a single enemy
Raises own magical attack by X

Skill 1: Triple Star

Deals slight magical damage to the first 3 enemies in front. The farther away the enemy is, the greater the damage.

Deals X damage to the 1st enemy in front
Deals X damage to the 2nd enemy in front
Deals X damage to the 3rd enemy in front

Skill 2: Advance ☆ Fighting Yell

Slightly heals all allies within a certain radius of the ally with the lowest current HP.

Heals all allies in range by X

EX skill: Innate Charm

When battle begins, moderately increases own magical attack.
EX+: (unknown)

Increases own magical attack by X

Character stories

Character title: The Lively Girl Aiming to be a Superstar

Episode 1
Poster Girl
Episode 2
Chasing the Dream
Episode 3
Story 3
Episode 4
Story 4