"Mister Bunny, Mister Cat, Mister Dog, everybody, everybody's friends!"


Menu Quotes (3★ +)

"Papa, Mama, my friends, the animals, the flowers, and you too, Yuuki! All of you are important to me!"

"This is my secret flower meadow! But I'm telling you about it specially. Because I really love you!"

"Me and Little Griffon both love you, Yuuki! I'm so happy when we're all together."

"Ah, Little Griffon is so fast! Yuuki, hurry, hurry!"

"I want to make a flower wreath. Once it's done, I'll put it on you, Yuuki!"

Special Skill

"Yuuki, look at this! Mister Bunny Slash!"

Character card

Name: Mimi
Height: 117 cm (46.1 in)
Birthday: April 3
Age: 10
Species: Beast
Guild: Little Lyrical
Likes: Collecting cute things
CV: Hidaka Rina
Real name: Akane Mimi
Weight: 21 kg (46.3 lb)
Blood type: O

Combat information

Initial rarity
Row position
Damage type

In-game description: Middle-line unit. A bunny girl who can collapse the enemy's front row. Her union burst deals a heavy attack on the nearest enemy, and then continues attacking the next enemy, serving as an early attack on the enemy's front row.

Union Burst: Mister Bunny Slash

Deals moderate damage to the first enemy in front, and then deals heavy damage to the second enemy in front.

Deals X physical damage to the first enemy in front
Deals X physical damage to the second enemy in front

Skill 1: Boing Boing Attack

Deals moderate damage to the first enemy in front.

Deals X damage to a single enemy

Skill 2: Mister Bunny Yell

Increase the physical attack of all allies.

Increases physical attack of all allies by X

EX skill: Mister Bunny Power

When battle begins, moderately increases own attack.
EX+: Greatly increases own attack.

Increases own attack by X

Character stories

Character title: My Favorite Things Are Singing, Carrots, and Mister Bunny

Episode 1
Mister, Who Are You?
Episode 2
Mister Cat Is So Cute!
Episode 3
Let's Look For The Owner!
Episode 4
A Present For Mommy

Episode 5
Puff Puff Puff Puff Rumble Rumble
Episode 6
Story 6
Episode 7
Story 7
Episode 8
Story 8