"Let's go on an investigation, Assistant. I'm expecting good work from you."


Menu Quotes (3★ +)

"Take that! Hehe, looking down on Kaon's Great Detective will land you in trouble!"

"Resolving incidents as quick the wind; capturing criminals like a lightning strike. Leave it to me, Great Detective Kasumi!"

"I'm not one to enjoy getting rough... but if it's in order to resolve the incident, I have no intention of staying quiet!"

"Our relationship may be that of a detective and assistant right now, but if we leave that aside, to me, you're still a precious partner."

"With you here perfectly following me up, I can go all out! Without a doubt, a Great Assistant to a Great Detective!"

Special Skill

"Leave it to me! Criminal Prison!"

Character card

Name: Kasumi
Height: 152 cm (59.8 in)
Birthday: November 3
Age: 15
Species: Beast
Guild: Kaon
Likes: Reading, solving mysteries
CV: Minase Inori
Real name: Kirihara Kasumi
Weight: 41 kg (90.4 lb)
Blood type: AB

Combat information

Initial rarity
Row position
Damage type

In-game description: Back-line unit. A great detective who specializes in hindering the enemy's actions. She has skills to bind and confuse the enemy, interfering with their actions, and she can checkmate the enemy with a field that lowers the enemy's magical defense.

Union Burst: Criminal Prison

Targeting a radius around the third enemy from the front, creates a field that lowers affected enemies' magical defense greatly, and lowers their TP gain moderately. Also lowers their action speed slightly.

Lowers magical defense of enemies in the field by X
Lowers TP gain rate of enemies in the field by X
Lowers action speed of all enemies within range

Skill 1: Root of Bind

Deals slight magical damage to all enemies within a radius in front, and binds them.

Deals X magical damage to all enemies within range
Renders enemies in range unable to act for a time

Skill 2: Mislead Ballot

Deals slight magical damage to the first enemy in front and confuses them.

Deals X magical damage to a single enemy
Inflicts confuse on a single enemy

EX skill: Detective Mind

When battle begins, moderately increases own magical defense.
EX+: Greatly increases own magical defense.

Increases own magical defense by X

Character stories

Character title: The Clearheaded Great Detective Girl