Ayumi (Wonder)


"Ooh... This bunny-like outfit is way too embarassing..."


Menu Quotes (3★ +)

"(not collected yet)"

Special Skill

"Clock, advance forward! One, two! Clock of Rabbit!"

Character card

Name: Ayumi (Wonder)
Height: 155 cm (61.0 in)
Birthday: April 7
Age: 16
Species: Elf
Guild: Weissflugel Landsol Branch
Likes: Observation
CV: Ohzeki Eri
Real name: ?
Weight: 43 kg (94.8 lb)
Blood type: O

Combat information

Initial rarity
Row position
Damage type

In-game description: Middle-line unit. A white bunny maiden who can alter the course of battle at will. With her abilities to lower her enemies' action speed, boost her allies' action speed, and stop time for enemies, she's always capable of supporting her allies.

Union Burst: Clock of Rabbit

Greatly increases action speed of all allies, and slightly increases their physical defense.

Increases action speed of all allies
Increases physical defense of all allies by X

Skill 1: Clock Down

Slightly decreases action speed of all enemies, moderately decreases their physical attack, and slightly decreases their accuracy.

Decreases action speed of all enemies for a time
Decreases physical attack of all enemies by X
Decreases accuracy of all enemies by X

Skill 2: Clock End

Temporarily stops the enemy with the highest physical attack from acting.

Renders target enemy unable to act for a time

EX skill: Rabbit Soul

When battle begins, moderately increases own physical defense.
EX+: Greatly increases own physical defense.

Increases own physical defense by X

Character stories

Character title: The Purehearted Girl who Earnestly Pines for Him

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Episode 3
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