Akari (Angel)



"I'll share my love with you!"


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Special Skill


Character card

Name: Akari (Angel)
Height: 150 cm (59.1 in)
Birthday: November 22
Age: 13
Species: Demon
Guild: Diabolos
Likes: Sax
CV: Asakura Azumi
Real name: Kazemiya Akari
Weight: 42 kg (92.6 lb)
Blood type: O

Combat information

Initial rarity
Row position
Damage type

In-game description: Middle-line unit. A twin sister angel who freely shares her magical attacks. For a short duration, she can massively boost her own attack, letting her sweep the enemy with devastating single-target attacks.

Union Burst: Heavenly Kiss

Deals massive magical damage to the first enemy in front.

Deals X magical damage to a single enemy

Skill 1: Angel Charge

Drastically increases own magical attack and magical critical rate for a short time, and moderately increases damage inflicted by magical critical hits for a short time.

Increases own magical attack by X
Increases own magical critical rate by X
Increases damage dealt by magical critical hits by 24%

Skill 2: Angel Shoot

Deals moderate magical damage to the first enemy in front. If this skill lands a critical hit, the resulting damage is 3x the normal amount instead of 2x.

Decreases magical defense of a single enemy by X

EX skill: Sweet Angel Heart

When battle begins, moderately increases own magical attack.
EX+: Greatly increases own magical attack.

Increases own magical attack by X

Character stories

Character title: Acting Spoiled but Loved by Everyone

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Story 2
Episode 3
Story 3
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